Anna Gkoutzouri

Release Date:
March 2022


180x210mm Activity Book

Age group:


Who Lives Here? Bunny the Bus Driver

Step By Step


Knock knock! Who lives here? Young children will love pulling up the sliders to see who’s behind the doors of these adorable mini houses! They get to go inside, explore the owner’s favourite rooms and learn what they do for a living.  The appealing house-shaped books introduce readers to early numbers, professions and animals while exercising little fingers and thumbs to make flowers speak, monkeys skate and hippos take a shower.
The series Who Lives Here? has four titles
Bunny the Bus Driver – 9781911689225
Crocodile the Gardener – 9781911689249
Giraffe the Chef – 9781911689232
Hippo The Singer – 9781911689256

Key Words

#EarlyYears #ActivityBooks #MiniHouses

Key Selling Points:

  • An interesting, hands-on way to introduce young children to numbers, professions and animals
  • The simple text is complemented by vivid illustrations, easy-to-use sliding mechanisms and friendly characters
  • Multiple sliders display the animals all doing different activities in their homes
  • An irresistable activity book promoting key fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

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