Kirsty Holmes

Release Date:
January 2019


250x250mm HB

Age group:


Who’s The Strongest?

BookLife Publishing


Roll Up! Roll Up! It’s the Great and Small Games! See the strongest, fastest and biggest animals in the world compete head-to-head! Marvel at the most beautiful creatures in the animal kingdom in the beauty pageant! Be amazed at our gyrating gymnasts, and look out for the deadly fighters as they wow the crowd with their wondrous weapons! But who will come out on top? Roll Up! Roll Up!

  • Bright and quirky vector design style brings animal facts to life
  • Clear text style, and a mixture of short facts and longer sentences encourage both secure and higher ability readers
  • Factual information presented in a fun, engaging style
  • Perfect for science subjects and general interest reading
  • Non-fiction topics presented in an engaging picture-book style

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