Shalini Vallepur

Release Date:
May 2020


210x297mm HB

Age group:


Windrush & The Commonwealth

BookLife Publishing


Have you ever wondered how the movement of people has shaped the world around you? People have always moved around the world, whether to build a new home or flee from a natural disaster. Without the movement of people, the world would be a very different place.What is the Commonwealth and the Windrush generation? How is the movement of people controlled in the Commonwealth and why did people from the Caribbean move to the UK on a ship called the Windrush? This book explores these topics and looks at the lives different people.

Key Selling Points:

  • Full-colour photographs engage readers with the past and the present
  • Explores difficult historical and present-day events
  • An informative and inspiring series
  • Perfect for introducing and learning about important historical events and how they influence modern world issues
  • Activities to help readers engage with the difficult subject matter and to help understanding

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