James Layton

Kat Fox

Release Date:
September 2020

£11.99 HB / £6.99 PB

270mmx255mm Picture Book

Age group:

9780987635440 HB

9780648728726 PB

Would You Rather …?

Larrikin House


Would You Rather… a Hose for a Nose or 25 Toes? Would You Rather… Onions for Eyes or Cauliflower Ears? Who doesn’t love a good old game of ‘Would You Rather’…? Get set for some hilarious nonsensical FUN as you choose between two equally silly scenarios at the turn of every page! 

Key Selling Points:

  • Fun and engaging game based on the classic Would you rather…? split scenario
  • Encourages engagement through imagination and anticipation
  • Easy to follow text keeps little ones excited and curious
  • Great way to introduce fun, creativity and games to children
  • Bright and colourful illustrations by illustrator Kat Fox

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