Iversen Publishing is a family owned educational publishing company producing great fact and fiction books that help all children become readers and lifetime lovers of literature.

An Australlian publisher, Iversen Publishing has only been sold in Australasia and North America.  Its partnership with MMS means that their titles will soon be sold in all export markets and the UK.  Starting with rights sales and then moving on to selling physical books, the intial focus for the MMS team is Iversen Publishing’s excellent Talk About series.  

Talk About is a series of factual books designed to provide models of Everyday English Language for students who are learning English or who have limited English language regardless of their age or grade.

Talk About introduces students to the structure, patterns, and vocabulary of Everyday English Language through talking, reading, and writing.

The connection of oral language, reading, and writing provides multiple opportunities for the student to grasp the same concept in different way.

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