Read + Play from Marshall Cavendish

The Read + Play Series – Harness the power of literature through the innovation of play

With Read+Play, the author Jo-Ann Netto-Shek was interested in replicating some of her fondest reading experiences that she had as a child that she believes are the foundation of her adult reading life. Reading for her was always shared and enjoyable. Some of her best reading memories included play after reading with experiences like dressing up as characters or making objects in stories or recreating story worlds. Play made reading enjoyable and extended story worlds into her world.

As she wondered if children today engaged with stories in similar ways, she worked with a team from Marshall Cavendish Asia to inquire into the educational basis of these experiences and they discovered that not only was there a basis for these experiences but that the research was positive and growing.

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Dr Jo Ann Shek is a lecturer at the National Institute of Education – English Language & Literature, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.