Larrikin House is an excity independent Australian publishing company dedicated to publishing funny stories by funny people.  MMS is delighted to be representing Larriking House all around the world (except in the USA, Australia and New Zealand)  Their first new titles appeared in the MMS sales kit for September 2020 and the lead title of My Shadow is Pink and My Shadow is Purple continue to achieve lots of wonderful publicity. Have a look at Scott’s Instagram and TikTok pages ‘Scottcreates’.

My Shadow is Pink is an empowering and uplifting book about daring to be different and having the courage to be true to yourself. In a family where everyone has blue shadows, this book is about a young boy born with a pink shadow who, more than anything else, loves to wear dresses and dance! Written for anyone who has ever felt just a little bit different, My Shadow is Pink will delight both you and the young readers in your life (and it has been known to make a few men cry).